Skinny Clock

Skinny Clock 1.0 RC3

A collection of analogue and digital clocks for your desktop.


  • Configurable
  • Lots of skins included
  • Can be translucent and always on top


  • Doesn't feature an alarm

Not bad

Windows clocks aren't very special things, but with Skinny clock, you can add a more attractive time piece to your desktop

Skinny Clock, as it's name suggests, has lots of different skins - so you can choose digital or analogue, or both amongst the 22 skins on offer. Some are more stylish than others, some are a little too strange and difficult to read, but there is at least a great variety. Skinny Clock eve lets you turn a photograph in to a desktop clock, so you can have your loved ones always in from of you, telling the time!

The settings allow you to change quite a lot. Skinny Clock is by default always on top when on your desktop, which means you can always see it, as other windows will always be put behind you. You can also add transparency, so it's less imposing on a busy desktop., and it's also possible to set a fixed position for it.

A new desktop clock isn't a necessity, but if you want to try one, Skinny Clock is a flexible and practical option, that's really easy to use.

Skinny Clock


Skinny Clock 1.0 RC3

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